Big Al’s Blog: Doctor needs my help!
Big Al’s Blog: Doctor needs my help!

I must be the worst care taker ever… I just tried to shave my dad and I think I did the worst job ever. I have done this several times with my dad and I think I have done an OK job at it in the past but for whatever reason, this time I wasn’t on my “A” game. So, even though my dad will certainly not be reading my blog, I thought I would publicly apologize for the crappy job that I did on Wednesday with his beard and just so you know dad, I will come back today to make it better. There’s something about shaving my dad that makes me feel like I am “taking care” of him. And I like that feeling. He deserves it after years of taking care of my sister and I.

Doctor worked her 36 hour shift yesterday and today. I guess I can’t really mess this relationship up if I don’t ever get to see her. Her attitude toward “paying her dues” is actually very good. When I tell her stuff like “man, I don’t know how you possibly work 36 hours in a row,” she will reply with something like, “Hey, I knew what I was signing up for.”

And I am really struggling with one thing that she has told me a couple of times that she needs. She has only lived here for 18 months and she says that even though she has been here a very short time, she doesn’t feel like this is “Home.” I get that she wants it to feel like home but I have NO IDEA what I can do to help. I suggested that some of the little things in her everyday life could be more personal. Like a trip to the dry cleaners could turn into a “meet and greet.” What I mean by that is, don’t just pick up your clothes, but make some conversation with the people that work there. Visit some of the smaller stores and businesses and not just the Giant stores where that have no personality. I have no idea if these were helpful suggestions but that’s what I thought might be a little help. Anyone have any others? Maybe go a different route to and from work everyday just to see different stuff. But if you don’t know your way around, I guess that’s pretty hard to do as well. It’s hard for me to know what would make a new city feel like home because I have never lived in any other city. I’m trying to figure out a solution to this issue but I really have nothing!

I went to see Twilight yesterday. It was pretty good actually but I really can’t see them ending this for good. There is too much money on the table. But I was happy to see a couple black people in the movie and one brother had several lines. But one question I had is this: how do those white people run so damn fast? Man, if they really want to function as humans, join the Olympic team or something productive like that. And how do they have such nice houses and cars? None of them have jobs…I have so many questions.

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