Jenna’s Blog: I didn’t kill anything this weekend
Jenna’s Blog: I didn’t kill anything this weekend

I managed to make it to the dog park unscathed this weekend. Actually, I managed to make it through the weekend driving around town and did NOT hit any animals or people. I still can’t get over the fact that I killed someone’s cat on the way to work Thursday morning. It doesn’t help that one of my guy friends started telling this story to me about this cat whose head someone ran over and he passed the crime scene on the way to work that same day. Yes, that was my kill, I told him. He said it was a bad scene and people were actively trying to avoid that lane because of it. Great, just what I wanted to hear on Friday night. Everyone kept asking if I went back to positively ID the kitty carcass. Why would I do that? It was dead outside of a vet. I’m sure they took care of that. Can you imagine how that phone call would go? “Excuse me Tommy, do you have a gray and white cat? Because I just ran over it’s head. Actually it really committed suicide in front of my car. Not a story I want to tell….

Let’s talk about a lose-lose situation for a second. Why is it that when I say I want to go to a nice restaurant, my guy friends or guys in general think I’m high maintenance? I get that side of it. So, for the last few weekends I have been going with a girlfriend to a super nice sushi restaurant that tends to be only date-night worthy. Basically, it’s impossible to eat there for under 100 dollars. I don’t get asked out on dates and I’m not going on a date just for a free meal, so my only way to eat there is if I buy it myself. That’s precisely what I’ve been doing. I never get to go out to eat during the week and my dating life is so bleak it’s basically extinct, so why wouldn’t I treat myself to a gourmet dinner? Instead, now my guy friends criticize me for doing that saying,”ohh independent rich girl”. Tell me how I am supposed to win here. Using a guy to go eat fancy sushi looks bad, but my girlfriend and I going and paying for ourselves makes us look spoiled? Boo to that. I’m taking myself on a date. I’m giving myself attention. I think this is by far the better option than going with some creep for a free meal. That would essentially make me the creep.

dogtshirtSince I spend nearly every Sunday morning at the dog park, I have to bring this up. I am telling you, if you are in need of some comedic material or just an interesting story, go to the dog park. Here is the question I will pose because I just saw it yesterday. Can you wear the breed of your own dog in t-shirt form to the dog park with that dog? A tall gangly man was rocking his french bulldog tee and holding his french bulldog. I think I discovered the one thing worse than wearing the concert tee of the band you are going to see.


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