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  • Kellie’s Blog: Spontaneity Shmontaneity...

     "I would say I was, um, a kind of 'fly... MORE

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    Big Al’s Tip of the Day: When you are... MORE

  • J-Si’s Blog: Who is in my house?!...

    "I think there are some strangers in our... MORE

  • Jenna’s Blog: Halloweeny...

    I warn you, this is not a popular opinio... MORE

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  • Flush the Format: 10.17.14 [AUDIO]

    Flush the Format: 10.17.14 [AUDIO]

    It’s the weekend BABAAYY! Executive producer DJ Mike Morse helped us start the day off with Flush the Format. Here’s the song list if you missed it this morning or want to hear... MORE

  • A Listener Thinks J-Si and Jenna Are Too Close [AUDIO]

    A Listener Thinks J-Si and Jenna Are Too Close [AUDIO]

    The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show received a letter from a listener concerned about J-Si and Jenna's relationship. Listen to the cast discuss it and read the entire letter below! l... MORE

  • I Want It Back! [AUDIO]

    I Want It Back! [AUDIO]

    Trying to get your stuff back after a break up can be a struggle. We opened up the phone lines to hear what you left at an ex's house. Listen and share in the comments below! li... MORE

  • Make It Sexy [AUDIO]

    Make It Sexy [AUDIO]

    Dim the lights, light some candles and bring the chocolate covered strawberries for some sexy time. Jenna's liners were said in a seductive way and we had to share. Check it out be... MORE

  • Kinsey Reviews J-Si’s Movie [AUDIO]

    Kinsey Reviews J-Si’s Movie [AUDIO]

    J-Si stars in an independent film... with a love scene. Kinsey calls in to give her reaction to seeing J-Si with another woman and honest review of the movie. Listen below! list... MORE

  • Nurse Nina’s Go Fund Me account [AUDIO]

    Nurse Nina’s Go Fund Me account [AUDIO]

    Nina Pham is the nurse who contracted the Ebola virus while caring for Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan. If you'd like to help her, Nina has an account started where you can donate... MORE

  • Mike Tompkins Interview [AUDIO]

    Mike Tompkins Interview [AUDIO]

    YouTube star Mike Tompkins joins us. He tells us about the new Bethany Mota song "Need You Right Now" he produced and is featured on. It's available NOW on iTunes. Listen to the in... MORE

  • Khloe Kardashian’s rumored father [AUDIO]

    Khloe Kardashian’s rumored father [AUDIO]

    “Friends” on Netflix’s... Jon Gosselin was evicted... Kourtney Kardashian is expecting another girl... Neil Patrick Harris will host the Oscars in 2015... and Khloe Karda... MORE

  • Paula Abdul with Breast Cancer Awareness [VIDEO]

    Paula Abdul with Breast Cancer Awareness [VIDEO]

    It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Paula Abdul is working with the Avon Foundation for Women. She's featured in a new music video called "Check Yourself." Watch and learn the t... MORE