A 2 week vacation is just a tease for retirement. After one week off, it’s easy to snap back into things, but 2 weeks…no way. I could really get accustomed to the whole sleep til 7-8 am regimen. The first week of my vacation didn’t seem like much of a break. I had the brilliant plan to move into a new apartment 4 days before Christmas so the wallet isn’t just hurting, it’s officially empty. The new place is well worth the effort though and I have a roommate which is a big change for me. It’s only the first day of work living with someone new, so I’m interested to see how her late night work schedule coincides with my early to bed, early to rise situation.

My mom wasn’t going to be able to make it to visit me for Christmas, which really made me sad. Growing up, that was the only holiday she insisted on spending together. We aren’t big foodies, so Thanksgiving was never an issue, but no matter what, we found a way to spend Christmas morning together. I really didn’t want this year to be the first one we spent apart. It’s like once you spend Christmas apart for the first time, it becomes easier to spend subsequent Christmases apart. I am so glad she came because I spent so much time making her a present and as it turns out, she did the same for me. I had a pet photographer take photos of me and Maximus months ago, then I got them blown up on huge on canvas. Well, I managed to keep it a secret and she loved it. I love making someone cry because they love their gift so much. And to my surprise my mom made me cry as well. She has spent the last 6 months going through my baby clothes and pictures and made me a giant scrapbook of my life. How amazing and thoughtful is that? It goes to show that the best presents aren’t really bought, they are created with time.

Whatever you do, don’t buy a little kid something called Aquasaurs. Scrambling to buy something for my little brother Dylan-who happens to by wise beyond his years-I went with the science kit called Aquasaurs. Somehow, living creatures arise out of this cardboard box aquarium. Now, science was always my worst subject, but I am too dumb to comprehend how a cardboard box has housed living prehistoric aquatic creatures? Anyways, it was hilarious to see him attempt to put this thing together, that required bottled water and freshly cut carrots for food. Needless to say, it made a complete mess and I don’t think my dad and stepmother liked it too much. Also, I don’t think the Aquasaurs are doing too good:)

Then it was time for the Christmas Mavs game! Since my mom came into town, I took my new roommate Holly and my mom! It was so cool to go to a sporting event on Christmas. That was a first for me. Even cooler, Kidd brought me down to his seats to meet Khloe Kardashian! I must say, I think we hit it off a little and then Holly came down after Kidd left and we all got to chatting about her move to Dallas. Long story short, I offered her my number if she needs anything and with no hesitation, she texted me her number and then texted me again later in the day. SO let me brag a minute and say that Khloe and I are text friends!

Then it was off to Mexico with my 2 best girlfriends. We only went for about 4 days at the end of vacation. A short but wonderful trip to Puerto Vallarta. We lucked out staying in a friend of a friend’s villa. I seriously did nothing but lay out and read books. Even NYE was a little weak for me. I have not been in the party mood and I was asleep by 12:30. I did finish a great book called, When She Woke-if anyone is interested in reading that. Of course, my best friend from Chicago and my new roommate could not have gotten along any better. They might now be better friends that I am with either one of them. It seems I am drawn to those who are very different than me, but ones that are alike. My best girlfriends have always been very similar to one another. That must mean something…