What Do Restaurant Servers Hate Continues [AUDIO]

The cast had listeners call in to talk about what people do that servers hate and introduced “Waiter For A Day”. Listen and share your stories below! Do you have a friend or family member who’s a rude customer? Enter them into Waiter For A Day! listen to ‘#PrayForTheWaiters’ on

STD Man is Back [AUDIO]

We all love StereoType Destroyer Man and he is back to break the stereotype that straight men would not be in attendance at a Cher concert. Was STD Man successful? Listen below to find out! listen to ‘STD Man’ on Audioboo

Joey McIntyre joins us! [AUDIO]

Joey McIntyre calls us to talk about NKOTB! They are starting up a European tour, but Joey wants to tell fans about their one USA concert in Las Vegas. Listen to the interview below! listen to ‘Joey Mcintyre Interview’ on Audioboo   See all Celebrity Guest Interviews