Katy Perry’s Controversial Music Video [AUDIO]

Celebrity babies… James Franco and Seth Rogan’s spoof got them an invite…  Lorde has postponed her tour… Selena Gomez’s social networking purge… and Katy Perry’s controversial music video listen to ‘Showbiz – Apr 23, 2014’ on Audioboo Drew Barrymore has given birth to another baby girl. She and husband Will Kopelman welcomed little Frankie Barrymore Kopelman yesterday.

Happy Birthday Shakespeare! [AUDIO]

It is National Talk Like Shakespeare, and the cast celebrates the only way they know how. They read song lyrics and other random things in Shakespearean. Check it out below! listen to ‘Happy Birthday Shakespeare!’ on Audioboo

Kellie & Big Al’s Epic Rap Battle [AUDIO]

J-Si issued the Epic Rap Battle Challenge. Big Al sings Rapper’s Delight and Kellie refuses to participate so the production crew put a little something together. Listen to it below! listen to ‘Kellie & Big Al's Epic Rap Battle’ on Audioboo

Kellie is Devastated [AUDIO]

Emma Kelly showed a lot of maturity over the weekend, but something she said tugged at Kellie’s heart. Growing up is part of life but it can be devastating for a parent. Listen to Kellie’s story below! listen to ‘Kellie is Devastated ’ on Audioboo Also, read the full story