Taylor Swift is trying to reconnect with Selena Gomez [AUDIO]

Ricky Martin on “Dancing With the Stars”… Prince William and Kate Middleton’s anniversary… Craig Ferguson’s announcement… Lawsuit against Rihanna’s… and Taylor Swift is trying to reconnect with Selena Gomez listen to ‘Showbiz – Apr 29, 2014’ on Audioboo Ricky Martin was the guest judge for Latin night on “Dancing With the Stars.” Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy was fine as

Cason OR Curtis? [AUDIO]

There are a lot of similarities between Cason and Curtis. So we made a game of it! Kellie and Jenna were tested to see who knows them best. Check out to find out who won and play along below! listen to ‘Cason or Curtis?’ on Audioboo  

Tornadoes Across the Country & More [AUDIO]

The cast talks about where listeners can get their Hot Hooks from last weeks challenge, the recent tornado tragedies, pub crawls and kick ball. Don’t miss listening to it all below! listen to ‘Tornadoes Across the Country’ on Audioboo