Big Al’s Game [AUDIO]

Donald Sterling is not the first high profile person to make offensive comments. So Big Al came up with new game called “Know Your Racist!” Listen to who wins and play along below! listen to ‘Know Your Racist’ on Audioboo  

Name Listener’s Babies [AUDIO]

Big Al threw out the question “Would any of our listeners let us name their baby?” Turns out two people would let us name their babies! Meet the pregnant women who trust us with one of the most important decisions ever below! listen to ‘Naming Listeners Babies’ on Audioboo  

Let It Go! [AUDIO]

How many times a day do you have to bite your tongue from telling someone they just need to let it go? Since Frozen is the biggest thing ever, we are putting a new spin on an old bit. Listen and share your “Let It Go” below! listen to ‘Let

Animal Heroes [VIDEO]

We shared two amazing stories of animal heroes. A dog named Major saved a veteran by dialing 911 and a cat defends a young boy during a vicious dog attack. Listen to us discuss the hero pets and watch the stories below! listen to ‘Hero Pets!’ on Audioboo   Dog

Rihanna and Drake have broken up [AUDIO]

Casey Kasem has been found… Real Housewives drama… Employee fired for leaking elevator footage of Jay Z attacked… Robin Thicke continues trying to win Paula Patton back… and Rihanna and Drake have broken up listen to ‘Kellie’s Showbiz Top 5’ on Audioboo Casey Kasem has been found in Washington state. His exact location