Lizzie Velasquez In-Studio [VIDEO]

Lizzie Velasquez joins us in studio. She has been bullied, but she has managed to turn that negative into a positive. Check her out on Facebook, Twitter and listen to her talk about her journey below! listen to ‘Lizzie Velasquez’ on Audioboo   Watch a film following Lizzie’s life, her

J-Si on TV for The Big Break [VIDEO]

J-Si went on the news with Linda Septien to promote The Big Break. Not only was he second choice but was also introduced incorrectly. Find out which famous celebrity he was introduced as in the video below! Sign up for The Big Break today! Deadline is this Friday, May 30th.

Jenna’s Blog: Candy monster

Kill the candy monster. Seriously, I need some sort of candy devil exorcism to take place. I don’t believe in any kind of fad diet, or really any kind of diet at all, but there has to be something to kill the sugar demon living inside of me. I have