J-Si is Finally Pranked! [AUDIO]

What did Kinsey do to embarrass J-Si? Well, it’s hard to prank J-Si, the office trickster, but Kinsey, his wife, finally got him back. Listen to what funny thing she did below! listen to ‘J-Si is Finally Pranked!’ on Audioboo  

What is in Your Purse? [AUDIO]

Big Al Mack and J-Si go through the ladies’ purses, and we take calls to find out what crazy items you keep in your purse. You would be surprised what we heard. Listen and share below! listen to ‘What is in Your Purse?’ on Audioboo  

#Hastags [AUDIO]

The cast has said a lot of hashtags this past month, so we wanted to recap and see if they could guess the context in which the hashtag was said. Listen and play with us below! listen to ‘#Hastags ’ on Audioboo  

Today Is The Last Day I… [AUDIO]

Derek Jeter is playing in his last All Star Game and Big Al was inspired. He wanted to know what you are quitting today. We opened up the phone lines to hear from you. Listen and share below! listen to ‘Today is the Last Day I…’ on Audioboo   Also,