Wedding Registry Binge [AUDIO]

Kellie has some hot opinions on why couples shouldn’t get trigger happy with a registry gun. Say NO to Crystal & China and Yes to games! Listen to find out why Kellie thinks so below! listen to ‘Wedding Registry Binge’ on Audioboo  

Hand in Marraige [AUDIO]

The cast opened up the phone lines to hear from dads and dudes who have been apart of a girl’s hand in marriage conversation. We want to know have you said no or been told no? Listen and share below! listen to ‘Hand in Marraige’ on Audioboo   Check out

Love Letters to Kellie [AUDIO]

Kellie has some great love advice for you today! We have a listener who is a male nanny and more. Check it out below! Need advice? Ask Kellie, the love expert, and submit your letter here. listen to ‘Love Letters to Kellie’ on Audioboo   See all Love Letters to

Dr. Girlfriend’s Butt [AUDIO]

Big Al Mack was very hesitant when his girlfriend asked him to take a picture of her bottom. But why? No pun intended. Listen below or read Big Al’s Blog: HELP WANTED to find out! listen to ‘Dr. Girlfriend's Butt’ on Audioboo