I Quit [AUDIO]

J-Si had a difficult time coaching his son’s soccer team this weekend and quit. So we opened up the phone lines to hear why you are quitting your job. Listen to them all below! listen to ‘I QUIT!’ on Audioboo   You can also read J-Si’s Blog: Soccer – week

Jenna Reviews the iPhone 6 [AUDIO]

Have you gotten the new iPhone 6 yet? Well, Jenna got her iPhone 6 over the weekend and the cast passes the next big piece of technology around the studio. Listen to her review below! listen to ‘iPhone 6’ on Audioboo  

Jay Pharoah Joins the Show [AUDIO]

Jay Pharoah joins the show to talk about his new album “The Resurrection” and the 40th season of Saturday Night Live. Listen to our great interview below! “The Resurrection” will be available Tuesday, September 23rd HERE. listen to ‘Jay Pharoah Interview’ on Audioboo   See all Celebrity Guest Interviews