Jenna’s Wedding Date Update [AUDIO]

You voted last week on whether or not Jenna should go on a wedding date, but it looks like Jenna will be available this weekend. Listen to find out what happened below! listen to ‘Jenna's Wedding Date’ on audioBoom  

Ebola in America [AUDIO]

Thomas Duncan, the man who carried the ebola virus to the US, has come under a lot heat for lying to get back into the country. Listen as the cast clears up some rumors about the virus. listen to ‘Ebola in America’ on audioBoom  

Isn’t That Awesome!? [AUDIO]

We opened up the phone lines to let you call in and vent in a sarcastic tone. For example… “Isn’t it awesome when you lock your keys in car?” Listen and share yours below! listen to ‘Isn't It Awesome!’ on audioBoom