American Sniper’s fake baby [VIDEO]

LeAnn Rimes’ reality show has been canceled… Chad Michael Murray got married… Tiger Woods’ missing tooth… Jonathan Knight joins the The Amazing Race… and American Sniper’s fake baby listen to ‘Showbiz – Jan 21, 2015’ on audioBoom I checked Brandi Glanville’s Twitter feed first thing this morning and so far, no comment. But I’m sure she’s gloating

Where is Kellie’s Mind? [AUDIO]

Kellie got lost on the way to work this morning, and she tries to figure out why she has been so forgetful lately. Listen and share any tips you have that can help keep Kellie from losing her mind below! listen to ‘Where is Kellie's Mind?’ on audioBoom  

Cast’s Geography Fail [AUDIO]

The cast got sidetracked during the Hizzle, after having a hard time locating New Zealand. Check it out below and we want to apologize in advance if we have offend any New Zealanders. listen to ‘Geogra-FAIL’ on audioBoom  

Love Letters to Kellie: In-Law Problems [AUDIO]

Kellie gives some great love advice today! We have a listener that needs help with her in-laws. Check it out below! Need advice? Ask Kellie, the love expert, and submit your letter HERE. listen to ‘Love Letters To Kellie’ on audioBoom   See all Love Letters to Kellie