Kellie’s Memory Diagnosis [AUDIO]

For the last few months Kellie has been losing her mind but she finally visited the brain doctor. Kellie shares her lab report and diagnosis with us. Find out what it is below! listen to ‘Kellie Memory Diagnosis’ on audioBoom  

Love Letters to Kellie: Road Trippin’ [AUDIO]

Kellie gives some great love advice today! We have a listener who is planning a road trip. Listen below! Need advice? Ask Kellie, the love expert, and submit your letter HERE. listen to ‘Love Letters to Kellie’ on audioBoom   See all Love Letters to Kellie  

Haircut Challenge [AUDIO]

We introduce the brave members of KiddNation that are letting us cut their hair. Who will be the best hair stylist? Listen and tell us your guess in the comments below! listen to ‘Haircut Challenge Contestants’ on audioBoom  

First World Problems [AUDIO]

It’s tough out in the world and we all hate complaining about these “problems” but sometimes we can’t help it! We opened up our phone lines for you to share your first world problems! listen to ‘First World Problems’ on audioBoom  

Ridiculous New Dictionary Words [AUDIO]

Jenna loves vocabulary! She found an article with a list of new words added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Check it out and listen below! WTF (abbrev.) Definition: what the f—, used especially to express or describe outraged surprise, recklessness, confusion or bemusement. NSFW (abbrev.) Definition: not safe for work; not