Do You Suffer From Pregnancy Brain? [AUDIO]

It’s a medical anomaly that has an effect on women’s memory… And we want to know what you forgot because of pregnancy brain. Listen and share in the comments below! listen to ‘Do You Suffer From Pregnancy Brain? ’ on audioBoom   Read J-Si’s Blog: Pregnancy brain strikes again?  

Mercury is in Retrograde! [AUDIO]

Mercury is going through a weird cycle right now that can effect your electronics and many other things. Check it out and get some advice. Listen below! listen to ‘Mercury is in Retrograde!’ on audioBoom  

Meghan Trainor Calls The Show

Join us Tuesday for the B-Dubs Music Hangout with Meghan Trainor. She’ll talk about her wedding plans, season two of The Four and more… In the meantime, get her single “Can’t Dance” on iTunes! VIDEO   See all Celebrity Guest Interviews    ​