Good News Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday and we wanna hear your good news! One KiddNation member shared that he’s getting ready to pop the question! How exciting! Another is happy to finally find a home as a Youth Pastor! Then J-Si has to ruin the good news feels by telling us what we are

Last Night On The Bachelor

Kellie Rasberry did some live tweeting last night and we get you all caught up on what happened on The Bachelor last night… Do you think they went too far in the episode? Would you be willing to drink your own urine in order to find love?  

Does That Make Me Crazy?!

You know what’s crazy? Calling in to say that you like the smell of your own toots… and it’s a cute sounding girl. Crazy, right? Listen to our other crazy calls, like a mom that loves a dramatic exit, and a husband that can’t handle when his wife leaves hair