KKMS Daily News Today

Don’t focus on the bad news… We like to keep it fun here at the KKMS news station! And here are the reporters now to give us the inside scoop, live from their homes! VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “KKMS News- An Easter To Remember” on Spreaker. Listen to “KiddNation

Recognizing Dell Shilling

Dell Shilling is an advocate for children, teenagers, and adults in their most vulnerable times… Now, more than ever, she continues to set an example for what it means to go “above and beyond” for the community. Do you know a doctor, nurse, first responder, delivery driver, small business owner, volunteer or other individual who has shown

Scared That I’ll Be A Bad Dad

Someone is contemplating even having children because they are scared that they will be a bad dad… Another KiddNation member wrote in and said that he’s ready to settle down but she isn’t. And a new “Love Letters to Kellie… the Podcast” episode released each Wednesday! Need advice? Ask Kellie,