KKMS Daily News- Investigation

Big Al shocked us all with this announcement! And Trey launches another investigation… Ana was busted doing something rather embarrassing, possibly even illegal. And Nick Adams shares a major mess up that went down yesterday! VIDEOS   AUDIO Listen to “KKMS News Update- No One Even Noticed” on Spreaker. Listen

Recognizing Lynn & Jimmy

This couple’s caring ways is really inspirational. Listen to all of the kind things that Lynn and Jimmy do for others.. and all that they ask is for you to pay it forward. THANK YOU, Lynn and Jimmy, for all that you do! Listen to “KiddNation Wants To Thank Lynn

An Emotional Win

Aww we just LOVE it when we get to talk to people that get this excited! So glad that you won today, David! Each weekday listen at 7:40am CT and 8:40am CT for us to call out 3 names of people who signed up! Listen to “An Emotional Win” on Spreaker.

Grae Drake’s Movie Review

The former senior editor at RottenTomatoes.com joined the show to talk about the Netflix movie “Extraction” starring Chris Hemsworth, “Selah and The Spades” and Apple TV+’s “Beastie Boys Story”… Listen and watch the trailers below! AUDIO Listen to “Grae Drake's Streaming Reviews” on Spreaker.   VIDEOS