KKMS Daily News- Nick Fails Again

Nick strikes out… again. Big Al recognizes an important anniversary.. and Kellie celebrates with a martini! Some schools are still in sesh, and Ana accidentally crashed a cute class! Kinsey regrettably broke one of her own rules… and more! VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “KKMS News Update- Nick Fails Again”

Graduation Special And Speeches

Big Al could come speak at your virtual graduation… Just be sure to sign up! But there was a big graduation celebration featuring some celebrities. How were there speeches? Listen to “Graduation Special And Speeches” on Spreaker.

Big Al’s Dating Service

Husband thinks I favor my only child from a previous marriage. And when you can’t find ANYBODY… turn to Big Al? Plus, a new “Love Letters to Kellie… the Podcast” episode released each Wednesday! Need advice? Ask Kellie, the love expert, and submit your letter HERE. AUDIO Listen to “Love

Wants And Needs Winner!

Sometimes you want a laptop, but need a washer… Maybe we can help you with both! Each weekday listen at 7:40am CT and 8:40am CT for us to call out 3 names of people who signed up! Listen to “Wants And Needs Winner!” on Spreaker.