Laundry Problem News

J-Si had a big “told ya so!” moments with his kids! Part-Time Justin takes on several washing machines! Plus, has Ana cracked the code and found the perfect snack? And did you really skip homeschool? Listen everyday at 7:20 & 8:20am CT for the Beat the Bank vault password. VIDEO   AUDIO

Go Find… Something You Hate

Nick issued the challenge and this one could get some people in trouble.. Go find something of your significant other’s that YOU CAN’T STAND! They were only supposed to bring ONE thing but someone came back with several items! VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “Go Find… Something Of Your Significant

Overachieving Coffee Cart

We got to reward one more overachieving teacher, thanks to Pilot Pen. And this teacher isn’t just overachieving, she’s downright genius! Just listen to this business plan that she devised! Deserving teachers could win $500 for their class HERE! Listen to “Overachieving Teacher” on Spreaker.