Ana’s Midweek Update

What’s been keeping Ana up at night? She found out that Flora from Netflix’s “The Haunting Of Bly Manor” is also the voice of Peppa Pig… How CREEPY?! That and so much more in this week’s midweek update! Plus, Nanny Nana won $730 today… Listen every weekday at 7:20 &

Big Al Getting Stood Up

Big Al was excited to host a watching party for The Bachelorette last night but things didn’t turn out quite as he had planned. And then the plot thickens… Big Al gets a text during the show! VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “Big Al’s Watching Party” on Spreaker.

Creative During Covid

Kellie Rasberry is more than just a love expert. She’ll solve your bedroom problems too! Just listen to the stellar advice that she gave today… How do I approach my wife when I think she’s having an affair? I fell in love with my best friend but do I tell

Producer Nick’s Early Voting

Producer Nick got out and voted yesterday.. It didn’t take long and it was easy to do, but it was still an experience… thanks to interesting people at the polls! Check out a few of his observations below. He noticed poor ringtone etiquette, the gentlemen shouting “BEAUTIFUL AS EVER” and

J-Si Walks It Out

During tidbit news, we discussed one man who is finally getting to do what he traveled all that way to do and a news reporter is busted in a crazy scandal with the Anchorage mayor… Plus, J-Si walks it out after being challenged by Elton John! Listen to “Tidbit News” on