Appreciating Technology

What would we do without technology and electricity? No seriously… We would be sooo lost, and poor Cason is feeling that! Plus, Whitney was sadly shut out of the vault when she played today… But listen every weekday at 7:20 & 8:20am CT for the Beat the Bank password and your chance

Prank Jail Call

J-Si shared this “prank jail call” and even though it backfired he wants to try it on Kinsey. Check it out below… Plus, nerves of steel! We have another perfect play winner! Laura got the maximum amount out of the vault when she played today… Listen every weekday at 7:20

Turn Up Witches’ Brew

Part-Time Justin is turning it up with a special bubbly and boiling witches brew and facts! Hear our discussion on crystals, sage, Salem statistics, their appearance in the bible the balance of order/chaos and MORE! Plus, get the Witches’ Brew Cocktail recipe below. VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “Turn Up