Go Find… the Creepiest Thing

Since we work from home on Fridays, we like to play a little game called Go Find! Today, Producer Nick issued the challenge… Go find the creepiest thing in your home. Who brought the coolest thing to the Zoom call? Ana’s box of middle school memories Kellie’s dog that finds

Big Al’s PSA

It’s that scamming time of year! Be careful this holiday season. Big Al’s mom got a strange phone call… which could’ve turned really bad! PSA: check in with your parents and loved ones to make sure they aren’t falling for scam calls asking for bail money. VIDEO   AUDIO Listen

Grae Drake’s Movie Review

The former senior editor at RottenTomatoes.com joined the show to talk about Jacob Chase’s “Come Play” starring Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr., Azhy Robertson and Winslow Fegley. Bong Joon Ho’s crime drama “Memories of Murder” smokes the competition. Plus, “The Craft: Legacy” was released… Don’t miss watching the supernatural horror on demand now.

Almost Death By Underwear

J-Si read a couple of texts from KiddNation members who want to thank Big Al for his PSA and did you know that your underwear can kill you? Well now we know not to ignore butt pain! Watch Hillary’s TikTok video below for more information… Plus, Mallory won $790 today. Listen

Listen To New Music Friday!

We’re excited that Dua Lipa featuring Angèle and Liam Payne featuring Dixie D’Amelio have new music. Plus, Ariana Grande‘s new album “Positions” and Sam Smith’s new album “Love Goes ” are out… Listen to them all below! Plus, Kristi got the maximum amount out of the vault when she played today… Listen every weekday at 7:20