Get to Know… Us!

Who is Kellie Rasberry? There’s more to Big Al than just sex appeal. Find out more about Big Al! And will the real J-Si please stand up? Get to know our girl Ana… Hey Hey Hey, it’s PTJ! Who is that handsome producer for the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show? It

Bad Boys Make Me Crazy!?

Someone carries around toilet paper, just so they never get stuck using one-ply. Does that make them crazy, or is that just a smart move? Plus, 5-10 pairs of back up underwear… Christmas tree decorating in the middle of the night… And bad boys? Kellie used to date a guy

Turn Up Throat Comfort

Part-Time Justin is turning it up with a nice cup of warm liquid, we read our throat comfort tea messages and do a couple of stress-relief exercises… Get the classic hot toddy recipe below and here are two small exercises that could help you on voting day! Deep breathing. Breath in