Letter From KiddNation

Big Al is getting blown up by the ladies so much that they are reaching out to J-Si! Is J-Si going to find him true love? And Denise’s letter really tugged at our hearts today. Thank you, Denise! Plus, Megan got the maximum amount out of the vault when she

Kellie Isn’t Nice!?

Things got heated in studio today during celebrity gossip… Did Big Al say that Kellie isn’t nice!? Who ranks #1 nicest person in the office? Get Big Al’s explanation and his “power” rankings in the video below.

I Gotta First World Problem!

We noticed something about Tyra Banks and… What has KiddNation members been dealing with? It’s difficult to: communicate with ALL the women on dating apps, open a Tesla door, sit still on the toilet, check cold chickens, match your face mask and find anything in a 3,200 square foot house.

Overachieving Robotics Teacher

Today’s overachieving teacher, Marci Bryant, is planning on using her money on robots… How fun! Read what she wrote below. “In previous years under different teachers, Robotics and coding have been for the smartest and best students. This year when I became the teacher, I decided it was for all