J-Si Was Chased

Big Al went to a memorial service recently, entered a praying circle and held hands without even thinking about the pandemic. “You might not want to hold my hand”… Plus, J-Si was on his skateboard and chased by a bobcat yesterday and had to do some quick thinking. Hear both

Rob’s 10,000 Friends

J-Si and family were featured in video for a game called “Beat That”… Ana came across a guy on TikTok that wants to make 10,000 friends. His name is Rob Lawless and a feel good story! Plus, Monica got the maximum amount out of the vault when she played today!

Enchanted Fairies Has Exciting News!

Enchanted Fairies has been one of our biggest supporters for years and this year is no different. They let us know about some exciting personal news, a $28,678.12 donation to Kidd’s Kids and more… Book your Enchanted Fairies Session at FairySessions.com TODAY! Plus, you can donate any time at KiddsKids.org. Listen to

CMA Awards 2020 Winners

Fire at Denzel Washington’s home… Cardi B apologizes after being accused of appropriating Hindu culture… Casting news… and CMA Awards 2020 winners Listen to “Showbiz – Nov 12, 2020” on Spreaker.   LA fire crews responded to reports of smoke coming from the home of one of our national treasures