J-Si’s Failed Prank

We discuss the man that tackled a bear to save his best friend and J-Si decided to pretend to be someone else, but it totally backfired on him! Plus, Part-Time Justin took a risk in order to save someone else… How often do you sanitize your phone? VIDEO   AUDIO

Ana Is A Saint!

All it takes is a little help from our friends… Yes the show looks a little different on KiddTV this morning but there is a simple explanation for it. Ana is a saint! Listen to “Ana Is A Saint!” on Spreaker.

Relationship Is Going Nowhere

We delve into some relationship issues, including… Together for 10 years but he refuses to talk marriage or children. Should they take a break? Plus, he’s showing signs that he’s completely not trustworthy. What to do? And he says that he wants your advice on disciplining the children… but he never

The Karaoke Challenge

J-Si took the family to see Christmas lights. Kellie says to sit on that lap! Producer Nick gets into the great jelly debate. And Part-Time Justin makes a purchase that would make Kellie proud! Plus… Is Ana going to take the karaoke crown away from Big Al? Big Al wants