The Guys’ “Moves”

During celebrity gossip, we discussed Arie Luyendyk Jr. and “The Bachelor” days from his past. Big Al and J-Si share their signature “moves”…Check it out and get some tips below. Plus, Producer Trey’s laugh has made our day!

Ana’s Midweek Update

Ana honors this historic day in a funny way… Happy second anniversary to the Midweek Update! Take a look back on hot topics from January 2019 and how DO YOU measure two years? Get all of the giggles during the midweek update! Listen to “Ana's Midweek Update- This Historical Day”

Our TikTok Feud

Big Al’s date had a list of excuses! J-Si shames a coworker. And Producer Nick shares more disgusting kid’s news. PLUS we reveal our signature moves, Ana was feeling inspired after watching Netflix, and Kellie was shocked when she found this out! Get caught up on all of the news

Public Flirting And Fights

We delve into some relationship issues, including… Someone said that they fight every time they go out because he’s a hardcore flirt! Is it awkward to still be friends with the ex’s family? And one drunken night, the husband admitted that he loves someone else.Kellie gives her advice on these

Winning Dream!

J-Si explains his inner turmoil over random numbers vs set numbers when playing the lottery and someone dreamed up these numbers and won!What have your dreams ever done for you? Plus, a KiddNation member wants to discuss the lack of grape ice cream… Could it be the most hated flavor?