7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story

Former college football player Chris Norton was given a three percent chance to ever move again… Through grit and faith, he retrained his body and spirit to walk seven yards down the aisle with his bride. Plus, watch the trailer to his inspirational story below and “7 Yards” is currently available for

Ana’s Worst Nightmare

J-Si is responsible for two mortgages and Ana shouldn’t have shared her worst fear because it was suddenly sprung on her during the newscast! Producer Trey has a warning for everyone! Too much of this could be harmful to your mouth! Plus, Big Al hopes the girlfriend is cool with

Jacqueline Is Going to Daytona Beach

Jacqueline Torres-Palacios won a trip for two to the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach, thanks to VISIT FLORIDA! Escape the cold and imagine days on the beach without shoes – or worries…with our Winter Warm-Up! Plus, how are we hooking you up next? Get more information HERE! Listen to “How Are We Hooking You

Chris Harrison Breaks Silence

HFPA update… Mariah Carey’s estranged brother sues… David Schwimmer reveals… All about the special ring Olivia Rodrigo received from Taylor Swift… and Chris Harrison breaks silence Listen to “Showbiz – Mar 4, 2021” on Spreaker.   The “Golden Globes” have been under fire after it was discovered a couple weeks

The Importance Of Grammar And Accents

Today is National Grammar Day, and there is a reason that it’s so important! We discuss Daisy Ridley’s recent interview and talk about hiring a dialect coach for the show… Plus, what’s coming up this Friday morning? We start the weekend off right with Flush the Format at 6:15am CT! The KKMS Daily