Turn Up The At-Home Waxing Experience!

Part-Time Justin turns it up with a tasty beverage and goes into great detail to describe his at-home waxing experience! Check out how he get out of this sticky situation… Get the Electric Margarita recipe with Blue Curacao below. VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “Turn Up The At-Home Waxing Experience!”

J-Si’s Emotional House Letter

J-Si got in his feels and finally shares the emotional letter that tugged at the homeowner’s heart strings! VIDEO   LETTER Dear Mr. and Mrs. ———–, I hope you are both having a wonderful day, because I certainly am… and it has a lot to do with the home you

But How Do You Say That?!

Kellie immediately regrets that sweet doggy kiss! Producer Nick made the wrong purchase. Producer Trey is really confused about this daycare worker’s name… How exactly do you pronounce that? Ana is just better than us all and she tells us why! Plus, have you signed up for our Wants and Needs contest

Dr. Oz Shares Life Saving Tips!

What happened last week at the airport? Dr. Oz shares his encounter and some life saving tips! “If you’ve taken CPR, you can save a life.” – Dr. Oz Plus, Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry drew 17-million viewers! Listen to “Dr. Oz Shares Life Saving Tips!” on Spreaker.