The Password Game

Producer Nick surprised everyone with this fun and hilarious game… The goal is to get your partner to guess the password by giving him a one-word and only one-word clue. Who will win the password game? And who will crack under pressure?Pair up in partners and play along with us

Proper Tornado Attire

Producer Trey’s wife has to put on the proper emergency attire. Part-Time Justin’s all alone! And Ana’s savage social skills! J-Si quickly made a friend at his new gym! Producer Nick asks… Is my kid psycho? And Kellie avoided another coupon meltdown! Listen to “KKMS News Update- Proper Tornado Attire”

Holding A Grudge…

Thirty-eight years ago, the world first saw Michael Jackson moonwalk. Have you signed up for our Wants and Needs contest yet? Listen at 7:40am and 8:40am CT and you could win your WANT, your NEED, or BOTH! Plus, J-Si is holding a grudge against this band! Listen to “Holding A Grudge….” on Spreaker.