Mom Diminishes My Feelings

We delve into some relationship issues, including… He wants a baby for all of the wrong reasons. The bro code gets a revision. And what do you do if your mom just diminishes your feelings? Kellie gives her advice on these letters and more! Need advice? Ask Kellie, the love

What’s In Part-Time Justin’s Fridge?

KKMS Daily News takes you into the cast’s homes for their “top stories” including… Producer Nick’s sleeping pill substitute led to some disturbing behavior. Big Al’s walk to work! PLUS Part-Time Justin gave a very unnecessary smell check. Kellie’s twin pimples. And J-Si’s dogs ruin everything! VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “KKMS News

Ana’s Midweek Update

Our girl Ana brings the funny during her Midweek Update and she appointed us all with royal titles! Check them out below. Plus, guess who is going to Florida! Don’t forget to sign up for your chance to win a Florida Family Flyaway! VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “Ana’s Midweek Update- Our

Colton Underwood Speaks His Truth

Christina Aguilera is accepting herself… The Concert to Reunite the World… Celebrity baby news… #1989TaylorsVersion is currently trending… and Colton Underwood speaks his truth Listen to “Showbiz – Apr 14, 2021” on Spreaker.   Christina Aguilera is on the cover of the May issue of “Health Magazine.” Christina’s weight has