The Looney Tuney Game!

Producer Nick Adams came up with another fun game. This one is called Looney Tuney! We play three rounds… Who can correctly name these tunes and be crowned the winner? Play along with us below: Listen to “The Looney Tunes Game!” on Spreaker.

The Kid LAROI Joins Us

J-Si got to sit down on zoom and interview the artist that helped get him through quarantine, The Kid LAROI! He talked about working with Justin Bieber, his upcoming tour, and more! Plus, don’t miss watching “WITHOUT YOU” below. VIDEOS   AUDIO Listen to “J-Si Got To Interview The Kid

Easing Us Into Aliens

The government is easing us into aliens so we don’t get freaked out when it’s time for the big reveal. Plus, J-Si’s house may or may not be haunted… Check out his ghostly encounter below! Listen to “Easing Us Into Aliens” on Spreaker.

Pillowgate Continues

KKMS Daily News takes you into the cast’s homes for their “top stories” including… Ana has an update on her regular status! Producer Trey can’t get rid of an old habit. PLUS J-Si’s new house is haunted and something strange is going on at Kellie’s too! Big Al has some questions after this