Turn Up Tuesday

Part-Time Justin is going to drink THIS turn up treat in the mornings (it’s perfect for your pocketbook) and we play a silly game called “Jinx”… The objective is for our two person teams to intentionally speak the same word or phrase simultaneously. Plus, get his tasty recipe for an

J-Si’s Talent Show Dilemma

KKMS Daily News takes you into the cast’s homes for their “top stories” including… Producer Nick’s son is shocked that Part-Time Justin doesn’t have kids, Ana’s recommendations and Chloe might have to perform at the talent show alone. PLUS Big Al has a genius idea involving a U-Haul, Kellie doesn’t goes to the doctor

Car Hangouts

Where did you go to sit with your friends in a random parking lot to do pretty much nothing? PLUS J-Si didn’t get the cashier job, Ana might workout later, Kellie is obsessed with “Gilmore Girls” and Producer Trey poses a serious question. Check it all out below! Listen to

Cheaters and Tasers

You don’t need all of the facts, just some of them and that’s why we bring you tidbit news! TikTokers are looking out for you and checking the loyalty of your significant other… and would you taser your mom if you couldn’t find your phone? Listen to “Tidbit News- Cheaters and

Is Bennifer BACK ON?

Tom Cruise returns Golden Globes… Prince Harry & Oprah’s docuseries… “Grey’s Anatomy” has been renewed… Miley Cyrus has made history… and Is Bennifer back on? Listen to “Showbiz – May 11, 2021” on Spreaker.   It started a few months ago when the LA Times exposed that there were zero