A Jonas brother has a sex tape?

American Idol keeping it sweaty….Who will take Jimmy Fallon’s old time slot?… Rihanna gets a restrainer order…and a Jonas brother has a sex tape?

SPOILER ALERT:  And now “American Idol” has whittled it down to eight. Did you really expect the judges to use their one and only save this early on in the competition? Even though everyone expected Lazaro to go home, American has a soft spot for that overly sweaty contestant and let him live to sing another week. But after Paul Jolley sang for a second chance, Randy Jackson couldn’t kick him out the door fast enough.

Even though Jay Leno took a huge pay cut last year to save his staff from being fired, and even though he still ranks first in the late-night ratings wars, and even though nothing’s been confirmed just yet, Jay reportedly is on his way out and Jimmy Fallon is being bumped up to take his time slot. It’s all about pulling in a younger audience. And they’re hoping to have Jay gracefully excuse himself in time for Jimmy to be presented to advertisers this May. So who would take Jimmy’s old time slot? Sources told Page Six that Lorne Michael’s is pitching “SNL” head writer and “Weekend Update” host Seth Meyers for the job. Tina Fey’s name has also been mentioned, but she’s said she’s too busy to take that on.

Rihanna has gotten a restraining order against an obsessed fan named Steveland Barrow, who now has to stay at least 100 yards away from her for at least 3 years. Barrow was arrested last month for breaking into a mansion in LA that he thought belonged to Rihanna. Neighbors saw this strange guy snooping around the house and confronted him. He said Rihanna had invited him to come over and he’d brought her some poetry. Police say Barrow stole some personal items and slept in what he thought was Rihanna’s bed, but her house was actually a few doors down.

On May 2, Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to check in to a lockdown rehab facility for 90 days. So how does she plan to spend her next few weeks of freedom? On Wednesday night, she was in Santa Monica watching her new boyfriend, Avi Snow, perform at a club. Her attorney Mark Heller told Page Six that next week Lindsay will be in LA filming for a couple days on Charlie Sheen’s show, “Anger Management.” Charlie plays a therapist and Lindsay will play a patient who falls in love with him. After that, Lindsay wants to rest up before rehab, and she’s hoping to do that in Brazi

BlindGossip.com puts out sometimes outrageous stories about celebrities but doesn’t name names. They want to let you have fun guessing who it is they’re talking about. But are they being blatant this time, accusing Joe Jonas and his Swiss model girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, doing all sorts of unspeakable things with each other to each other in front of each other and all in front of a video camera that was being held by their mutual friend in a Buenos Aires hotel room? WHAT?!?! Of course, everyone in Joe’s camp is denying that this tape exists. And Joe even addressed the rumor on Twitter yesterday afternoon, tweeting, “ball gag? really? me? come on guys.”  But how much do you want this story to be true!!!}

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