A Sandwich and Some Singin’!
A Sandwich and Some Singin’!

In an effort to redeem themselves from the last podcast debacle, Allen practiced for HOURS to learn how to play “Hole Hearted” by Extreme, and you can hear him and Kellie perform it on today’s podcast.

Kellie wonders if this “Evans Curse” Allen told her about is actually for real after yet another bad customer service experience.

What would you do if you if you saw an elderly woman who seemed to be having a stroke? Allen will tell you what happened to a very dear friend of the family when this happened to her.

Allen also shares more that he’s learned from his new favorite book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a (BLANK). How did it relate to the sermon he heard on Sunday morning?

Kellie and Allen also read some listener mail and……..the moment you’ve been waiting for…….Kellie and Allen perform “Hole Hearted.”

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