Adam Levine hates America?

Hanson’s new product hitting shelves will make you say Mmmm…..Will Adam Levine feel the backlash after an angry comment….and Justin Beiber’s neighbors have had enough!

To celebrate Hanson’s 21st anniversary as a band, they’ve created their own beer…Wait for it…MmmHops. That’s not a joke. They partnered up with a brewing company and debuted their beer at last week’s premiere of “The Hangover III.” Why? Hanson’s song “MMMBop” s featured in the movie, so it only made sense to have MmmHops featured at the premiere party. The rest of us have to wait and try it this fall when MmmHops hits store shelves.

Adam Levine has turned on his own country after America voted to send home not one, but TWO of his contestants from “The Voice” last night. Neither Judith Hill nor Sarah Simmons will go on in the competition as part of Team Adam. He was so angry that he muttered, “I hate this country.” But we all heard it, Adam!!!

Perhaps Adam took comfort in the arms of his new model girlfriend. Yes, when Adam gets tired of his old model girlfriend, he just drives down to the model store and picks up a new one. After 2 years with Victoria’s Secret model Anne V, Adam traded her in for another VS model, Behati Prinsloo. It only took about a year for him to get tired of that. But to mix things up this time, Adam went shopping in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model section and picked up Nina Agdal. She might be pretty nice, though. When Kate Upton backed out as that kid’s prom date, Nina went with with him instead.

Speaking of Kate Upton, she’s not too happy with Victoria’s Secret right now. In 2011, Kate posed for the lingerie catalog but the pictures were never used. And then last year, a model booker for the company told the “New York Times” that they would never use Kate because “she’s like a footballer’s wife, with too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.” Huh! So isn’t it interesting now that Kate’s the hottest model in the business that suddenly Victoria’s Secret has her in their new catalog? The problem with that is, these are the pictures she took back in 2011, when she was deemed unusable. And a source says Kate is furious because she’s not under contract with VS and they never contacted her before using these pictures.

After a neighbor confronted him for speeding thru their neighborhood, Justin Bieber is accused of spitting in the guy’s face and threatening to kill him. The DA’s office is still trying to decide whether or not to prosecute him for that. You’d think JB would’ve learned is lesson, but no. Keyshawn Johnson was in his front yard with his 3-year-old daughter when Justin went flying by in his white Ferrari. Keyshawn was furious, so he jumped in his Prius and drove to Justin’s house. Keyshawn says Justin jumped out of his car, ran into the house and wouldn’t come out. But Justin is pulling that whole “wasn’t me” defense. He says it was Tyler the Creator. But I think Keyshawn knows a skinny white boy when he sees one. And several other neighbors say it most definitely was Justin behind the wheel. Not only that, neighbors say that over the holiday weekend, Justin and a buddy were scooting around the neighborhood on Segways, smoking joints in front of the neighborhood kids.

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