I realized yesterday that I hadn’t turned on the television at home in days. I have only been watching soccer at the gym or out at a bar and by 9 pm last night I thought it would be a great idea to actually catch up on some shows. I only made it half way through True Blood before I had to go to bed, for some reason the show doesn’t seem quite as enthralling as it used to be. Maybe the premise is just getting worn, but it doesn’t seem quite as exciting. Holly told me she’s already watched everything on our DVR and I don’t know when she does it. She doesn’t get home until late everyday so she must stay up all night watching shows in her room. I certainly haven’t been sleeping much so I don’t know why I don’t blow through TV shows. I haven’t been reading much, I don’t know exactly what I’ve been doing other than trying to learn piano chords. I think the internet and social networking more specifically is just a complete drain on my life. Sometimes I wish I could delete them for a while. I don’t think I’d have any problem going cell phone and internet free for a while. Well, maybe just a week.

Since I’ve been practicing piano, I decided I’m actually going to get real about it and have someone who is great at it, give me some lessons. Until yesterday I didn’t even make the connection that I know someone who would be perfect for the job! Our very own American Idol star Tim Halperin of course. This way, it’s someone that is awesome to be around instead of having some random stranger in my home coming to give Holly and I lessons. So today is my first lesson with Tim and he is going to be rather disappointed in my complete lack of musical ability. I think I’m going to get a practice in before the lesson. Weird how often I “pre” do things before I do them. I pre clean before the maid, I pre workout before workouts, I pre eat before going out to dinner, I pre game (well used to) before going to the bar. I’ve kinda mastered the pre thing.