Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber done for good?

Teen Mom porn star in court…charges dropped against Rob Kardashian…One Direction sniffs out a new opportunity…and are Selena and Justin done for good?

 Big Al’s favorite Teen Mom porn star was arrested back in March for driving drunk in Omaha. Farrah Abraham made a deal with the court, and yesterday after she pleaded guilty to DUI, the judge told her she’s on probation for six months and pay a $500 fine. She has to stay away from alcohol while she’s on probation and one of those ignition interlock devices will be installed on her car. That means she has to blow to drive.

A judge has dismissed the charges against Rob Kardashian, who was accused of attacking a female photographer who took some shirtless pictures of him back in March. Andra Viak waited until chubby-ubby Rob came out of the gym to take some unflattering money shots. She claims Rob got physical with her and stole the memory card from her camera. She immediately filed a police report and filed a lawsuit. Apparently, Rob agreed to pay for her camera equipment, so Andra dropped the lawsuit. She also decided she didn’t feel like pressing charges anymore. Huh. Exactly how much did Rob agree to pay for that camera equipment, hmmmm? So even though the prosecution didn’t want to drop the case, the judge threw it out.

One Direction knows what they want their women to smell like. They also know how much money there is to be made in the perfume business! So they have created their own fragrance called Our Moment, which they unveiled in London yesterday. The boys say it’s a “vibrant, playful, fruity, floral” scent, combining pink grapefruit, wild berries, red currants, jasmine, freesia, musk and patchouli.

 Selena Gomez is telling her friends that she’s done with Justin Bieber for good this time. A source told that even though Selena has been going back and forth with her feelings, after their most recent attempt at getting back together in May, she’s over it. Taylor Swift has been encouraging her to cut all ties with him, and Selena’s finally listened. Plus, she sees that justin’s on a downward spiral and she wants nothing to do with it.

Paris Jackson is still in the hospital, recovering from her suicide attempt early Wednesday morning. She is able to accept visitors. Her brother Prince stopped by to see her yesterday. The two of them fighting for months now because Paris reconnected with their birth mom, Debbie Rowe. Prince felt that was disrespectful to their late father, Michael, who — for whatever reason — kept the kids away from her for years. A source told “People” magazine that Paris’ grandmother and her guardian, cousin TJ Jackson, are now discussing what to do once she’s released from the hospital. Meantime, Marilyn Manson has extended an open invitation to Paris. She’s welcome to come to any of his concerts whenever she wants. It’s rumored that Paris was told she couldn’t go to his concert, which set off an emotional meltdown that ultimately ended with her suicide attempt.

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