Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber trying to work things out?

Kris Jenner might be feeling the tide is turning and that the world has reached its KSP — Kardashian Saturation Point.  So she is turning her attention to her other spawn — Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Kris has trademarked their names and plans on slapping their names and faces on everything from clothes to cosmetics. She thinks her baby girls’ brand can be even bigger and more profitable that Jessica Simpson’s ’85and she’s approaching BILLIONAIRE status.

 Speaking of Jessica Simpson, she just filmed a new Weight Watchers commercial yesterday! And unlike the last one, we get to see more than her chubby face. We get to see her whole body! Jessica reportedly has lost about 60 pounds since she gave birth to Maxwell back on May 1. She’s been following their PointsPlus program and working out with celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak. So despite a slip-up or two — and who can blame her for slapping some butter on a Pop Tart when her parents are divorcing and her dad is being outed as gay — we get to see the fruits of her labor in that new commercial soon!

It’s not some “source” blabbing about Tori Spelling’s out-of-control behavior at a friend’s wedding. Tori is telling on herself! She spilled all the details in a blog she called “Moms Gone Wild,” saying that she decided before the wedding even began that the night was going to be “epic.” And by “epic” she meant getting sloshed on red wine, going “Gangnam Style” and then smashing a flower arrangement in the middle of the dance floor “just for the hell of it.” Then she started kissing some other mom who never gets out of the house and the two of them were screaming, “Look! It’s mom-on-mom action!” Of course, Tori ended the night in tears, crying on the mother-of-the-bride’s shoulder that she loved her daughter soooooooo much. I’d hate to be her the next day dealing with that red wine hangover.

Sources say Britney Sprears and Jason Trawick were planning a very intimate wedding at the end of December, but the two of them have been fighting so much that the wedding is off. RadarOnline is reporting that they’re telling friends the wedding is postponed, but these two will probably never make it down the aisle. Basically, Britney thinks Jason is boring and has started to resent him because he’s acting more like her father than her lover. Ewww.Plus, sources say Jason is sick of Britney’s constant nagging and is tired of being her babysitter. But hey! You signed up for that when you agreed to be her co-conservator, Jason! So you suck it up and make Britney happy!!

 Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber trying to work things out? After her brief trip to Dallas, Justin reportedly had a driver take him to LAX to pick up Selena and take her home. Justin reportedly spent the night. Now, we can assume lots of things.But they could’ve possibly stayed up all night talking it out. So maybe they were so beat down after their all-night gabfest, that’s why the two of them took a car to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills! Maybe they were going for relaxing facials and a massage! Even though they pulled up together, they entered the hotel separately so the paparazzi couldn’t snap a picture of them together. But from what I know about celebrities, if you truly don’t want people photographing you together, you don’t roll up to the freaking Four Seasons where paparazzi are camped out 24/7.