I spotted the elusive leapfrog in the gym yesterday. I was lifting weights and noticed an older woman in spandex and full makeup crouched down on a bench doing the odd move we made fun of at the office the other day. (Watch the video below)

I wanted to film her but I didn’t want to get caught and making fun of other just isn’t nice. It was just too good to be true. I literally got into such a giggle fit that I could barely work out. The best part is, she had so many great moves, all of them awkward. I made a mental list so we can continue our in-office awkward workout move of the week videos. Everything she did was so overtly sexual and she was doing it in the middle of the weight room. I really wish that I had the level of confidence to wear gray spandex shorts and style my hair and throw my butt in the air like that. I only wear black on black to the gym mostly to look more intimidating. Also, the last time I wore gray spandex I was not looking so hot. Even if it’s dri-fit, gray apparently still shows butt and frontal sweat, which is super cute.

Back to the original point, “the scissor split” is up next as the uncomfortable workout move.

I got harassed by a homeless person for the second time this week. I have to stop going to the gas station at 4:30 in the morning. Monday I was trying to get gas and a scary woman spooked me just as I was taking the pump out and that’s when I had the Zoolander moment, spraying gas on her and myself. She was of course in need of gas money though her car looked decent. I gave her the 4 dollars I had in my wallet and told her not to sneak up on people like that anymore. I was soaked thru and had no choice but to run home and change. It is funny that I sprayed gas everywhere so I suppose it was worth it.

Now today was even more of a beatdown. It took me forever to get coffee, water and a protein bar. As I was waiting on my coffee, some guy was handling my protein bar. I thought perhaps he was just curious but when I started to pay, he yells at me to buy him “one of dose”. If he hadn’t been so rude and hadn’t started asking me to buy him cigs as well, I may have actually bought him one. Instead I told him the Cliff bar was for me. He kept saying, “buy me something, buy me something”. Do the workers in the store not kick people like that out? I then had to walk to my car with him yelling and chasing me out. I am very awake now and I owe it all to being chased by a hobo.