With the Bachelor auditions being in town, my roommate and I got into another discussion about how we would be portrayed on that show. I know that it doesn’t matter how great you are in real life, that show has the ability to bring out the worst in people. She is the kindest, gentlest soul who is hard to make angry, but I have strongly advised her against ever doing anything of the sort. Her intentions for doing the show would be far better than most. She would hope to perhaps find love while it seems that most of the people that apply these days, are doing it solely for their 15 minutes of fame. I am worried that she will actually end up doing it and I would hate to see her get taken advantage of or even get her heart broken. Some people just don’t deserve that and she is one of those people.

If you haven’t been watching Workaholics on Comedy Central, then you are seriously missing out on some TV greatness. I really get tired of watching these poorly scripted reality TV shows and people that just want to be famous. What a random and cleverly written show. A group of guys that are basically lazy and worthless yet so ridiculously funny and weird. There’s something to be said about originality in this world of imitation. It’s Seinfeld-esque on a more vulgar level. We all have those awkward encounters with cheating on hairdressers or maid services and things similar to that. However on this show it’s cheating on your pot dealer with a new, better dealer. They are mad about people stealing food out of the work fridge, wasted handicapped parking spaces. We’ve all been mad about things these like this. The best part is they are all idiots and yet I still have found myself thinking the same way as them about things. Maybe that means I, am also, a huge idiot. Ha!

I’m worried that my mom is babysitting other people’s kids and now taking a job at a school if she gets it because she is yearning for her only daughter to have a grandchild. How will I ever break the news to her that I just really don’t forsee that happening. I always used to say I will never get married and now I think that I don’t even want kids. Kellie told me to freeze my eggs in case I change my mind, but even that sounds like a lot of work. Hopefully all that babysitting will cure her baby fever for eternity.