Our production guy Trey found a few of the worst named haunted houses in the country. Listen, check out which ones are near you and read a few of the funny Yelp reviews below!

Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror – Las Vegas, Nevada
“Those burns were from the wires at the gates of hell and not a rug burn as he claims.”


Rotting Flesh Factory – Harlingen, Texas
“Shockingly it smelled nice…”

Nightmare Scremplex – Boyd, Maryland
“Don’t do it. Not unless you really hate someone. In that case by them a ticket and save yourself.”

USS Nightmare – On the water between Newport, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio.
“Maybe it’s the years that I’ve spent working at a different haunted house… or maybe its just that craptastic.”

Spooky Ranch – Cleveland, Ohio
“You go for the zombie pony… you leave because of it.”

Boo Crew – Rochester, Illinois
“4 times, actors in this house broke character to ask my group if we knew someone”

Boo York – New York, New York
“Seriously. All the good reviews on here must be by friends and family of the people who put this on. Cheesy. terrible acting, cheap drug-store-brand makeup. I’ve seen church haunted houses in the suburbs on par with this…”

Hee Haw’s Haunted Corn Maze – Pleasant Grove, Utah
“There was a pumpkin that I tripped over… Thinking I was about to fall was kinda scary.”

Corn Creepers – Smyrna, Georgia
“Creepers is the right word… Big rapy feeling from this place”

Dan’s Haunted House – Dallas, Texas
“No clowns, chainsaws or zombies…The Japanese theme was weird. Never thought I was sayonara”