Beyonce apologizes to fans

Former Bachelor star, Sean Lowe better keep an eye on his lady….Beyonce apologizes to fans in a written letter…Angelina Jolie opts for another surgery to avoid cancer.

 SPOILER ALERT:  Even though Zendaya and Ingo Rademacher were the last two standing up there for elimination, “Dancing with the Stars” host Tom Bergeron said that didn’t necessarily mean they were both in the bottom two. So all that really mattered was who had the lowest votes, and that ended up being Ingo.

Speaking of another eliminated contestant, Sean Lowe might want to slow his roll when it comes to those wedding plans. According to “Star” magazine, while Sean was busy rehearsing with his professional partner Peta, Catherine was chilling in the wings and getting close to another pro from the show names Julz Tocker. In fact, “Star” says just last week, Catherine and Julz were both at a party at some LA apartment complex and she was blatantly flirting with Julz, rubbing on his arm, whispering in his ear and giggling at ever little thing that came out of his mouth. THAT doesn’t sound good for Sean.

According to “People” magazine, now that she’s had a double mastectomy to cut her chances of developing breast cancer, Angelina Jolie is planning to have her ovaries removed, as well. Genetic testing showed Angelina had an 87% chance of getting breast cancer and a 50% chance of developing ovarian cancer. Doctors recommend women have this surgery after child-bearing age, and sources say Angelina plans to have hers before she turns 40. She’s 37 now. She and Brad Pitt have three biological children and three they adopted.

Blaming dehydration and exhaustion for the cancellation of her concert in Belgium last night did NOTHING to squash the Beyonce pregnancy rumors. She wrote an open letter to her disappointed fans, saying this was the first time she’s ever postponed a show and promised she’d make it up to them. She also said she’s feeling much better now, but made no mention of any baby.

While she’s in rehab for the 19th time, judge granted Denise Richards temporary custody of Brooke Mueller’s twin boys. Charlie Sheen is completely okay with that arrangement. But Brooke has asked that the boys be removed from Denise’s home and placed with her brother, instead. A source told TMZ it’s because Charlie’s $55K in child support payments would go to him and she would have access to it. And Brooke says the only reason Denise wants her boys anyway is for the money! Um, no. In fact, Denise already receives her own $55K a month from Charlie to raise their two daughters. And when he offered her more money to help with the boys, she said thanks, but no thanks. She’s not doing this for the cash, but for her daughters’ brothers. And Charlie’s legal team is going back to court today to make sure those boys stay right where they are.

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