Are you hearing me???
Are you hearing me???

Well, Friday, I couldn’t really discuss an issue that would unfold later that day. My son, Korey, has a bounce house business. About a year ago, someone stole one of his bounce houses from the back of his truck. These things can cost about a few thousand dollars so this was no little theft. Well, earlier this week, the guy that sold Korey his bounce houses called him and said that he thinks he located the stolen unit. It was on a “garage sale” website and it looked identical to Korey’s stolen unit. But we weren’t sure. The only way to know for sure would be to go see it and look at the serial number. So, we decided to check it out. My son and I are now detectives! And we are headed to Royce City, Texas.

We did call the Rockwall County Sheriff’s office to let them know what was going down. And just to make sure this would be a good idea. They advised us not to do anything if we confirmed it was our stolen property. We were just going to pose as buyers.

But, I was not about to go down to this person’s house unarmed. So, I needed some HEAT! I have an old 45-caliber pistol that I have NEVER fired before. But the “suspect” didn’t know that. After I found my pistol, I had to dust it off. It had been hidden in an old cowboy boot. Now I needed bullets…Are you hearing me??? Me, Big Al Mack, I am in my apartment looking for bullets! I found three small boxes of ammo. Bingo!!! Now, its time to load the gun! I have never loaded a gun with the thought that I might have to use it. But that’s what I was doing. (I thought)…Actually after pulling out 6 bullets to put into the chamber of the revolver, I realized that I had a small problem. My bullets didn’t fit my gun. The bullets slid right through the holes. (That’s what she said!) So, this meant one thing. My gun would be for show only! Or, I would just have to throw the bullets at the dude.

So, Korey and I took off on the 40-mile drive. We arrived at the house and it was a decent. The guy came to the door and didn’t appear to speak much English. But he said we would have to follow him to his storage unit. Oh Boy! This could be a problem.

We were really wondering what would our next play be. What if he is taking us somewhere to rob us??? At least I was armed… haha…We followed him another 10 miles to the storage unit.

He opened it up and he must have had about 15-20 bounce houses stored in there. He took out the one that he was selling and we checked it out. But to look at the serial number, it would need to be inflated.

After the guy inflated it, Korey said to me that it did look identical to his stolen bounce house. Korey then took a look at the serial number…It wasn’t a match. The stolen bounce house remains an unsolved crime.

So, we thanked the man. We got back into my truck with my unloaded gun and we drove back home. No shots fired… no bullets thrown. No stolen merchandise recovered.