5 Things That Are Half-Done
5 Things That Are Half-Done

There’s nothing like a little bit of 1:30am moving to get your blood flowing. My new neighborhood is eerie dark at 1:30am. I mean like “not a creature was stirring”…except a big black guy in a big black truck. ME! But today is my last day that I will be messing with this moving thing. I think that the reason that I have been so stressed is that I have like 5 things that are “half-done.” Why did I set it up like this? I should have just focused on one thing. Completed that task, and then moved on to the next one… and so on. Here are the things that have me on edge:

  1. Moving…duh. I have been “slow moving” for 2 weeks now. I should have just done it and got it over with. (more than half-done)
  2. Pop-up party this weekend in Waxahachie. 12,000 people will be attending this festival and honestly, I’m not ready to feed them. I have done very little to get ready for this big event that is 3 days away. (less than half-done)
  3. Opening a new restaurant in Waxahachie in 2 weeks. But I have not bought my restaurant furniture or kitchen equipment yet. But, I have painted the new place, I also had a karaoke stage built, and hired a manager. (less than half-done.)
  4. Shopping for furniture: I have done very little. ok, I did find the cow-chair that I love. But that’s it. I think with so much furniture to buy, I don’t know where to start. (Zero done)

Ok, Its just 4 things… But those are four REALLY BIG Things.