A GREAT Mother’s Day!
A GREAT Mother’s Day!

I don’t think I did anything over the weekend that didn’t involve work. I really think I need to change that. But that is just the way that I have lived life for as long as I can remember. Anyone that spends a lot of time at their business can probably relate to spending too much time there. But you always seem to feel like you need to be there. And sometimes we do. But there has to be a balance.

But the positive part is that there were no problems on Mother’s Day like we had on Easter Sunday when I had to comp a LOT of food as a result of poor service… So, that’s a good thing.

My partying Mother on the other hand had a GREAT Mother’s day weekend. She went to a party that was at a hotel by the Galleria. She was SO excited to be going to a party. I HOPE AND PRAY that if I am blessed enough to live to reach her age, that I am still going to parties.

I think I have set my July 4th vacation plans. Well, there are a couple of options… For sure, I will spend a few days in Seabrook, South Carolina. The other couple days will either spend in Savannah, Georgia or Playa del Carmen.

Hope everyone had a GREAT Mother’s Day!