Last night my girlfriend made a wonderful dinner for us. She made bacon wrapped shrimp. She grilled some steaks for us and also some asparagus and ok, I cheated a little bit with the potatoes. It was pretty freaking great. We are trying to do this one-day per week, Wednesday is the day that we picked so that we could eat and watch Empire. Unfortunately, The World Series bumped Empire last night but we still did the dinner part. Then, she put on a movie. I couldn’t even tell you the name of it? Actually, I just remembered. It was Black Mass.

blogs_pic-big-al-102915So… I have asked on social media and now it’s happening.

I am paying a dude $150 to drive to and from Austin to buy some Blue Bell Ice Cream for my mom and me. My Mother LOVES Blue Bell Ice Cream. He is coming by my bar Tomorrow to pick up my cooler and money and he’s gonna go get some dry ice first, then he will drive 3 hours, get the Blue Bell and bring it back. I don’t think I have ever gone to this much trouble to get ice cream…Or anything else for that matter. Have you? What extreme length have you ever gone to for food?