Because, I’m An Idiot.
Because, I’m An Idiot.

I would imagine everyone has those days that they spend a short period of time reflecting. Yesterday, I was having one of those days at the gym. I had done my 35 minutes of cardio and then I hit the sauna. So, I spread my towel down and I laid there for several minutes and I started thinking about my bar that I don’t have anymore. Then, I started thinking about my girlfriend that I don’t have anymore. And I was wondering what she was doing. Then, for some unexplained reason, I started thinking about the dude that she mentioned to me, Hatch, that helped her put up her Christmas lights. Then, something hit me that she told me a few months ago… She, told me that her new boyfriend was someone that was there for her who was helping her while we were struggling through our last days. I’m like, Hatch is that dude. THEN, my eyes got big while I’m laying in the 104 degree sauna… I named my new restaurant in Waxahachie, Texas after her new boyfriend. WTF!!! How could I have made a mistake like this? Sure the nickname for Waxahachie is The Hatch. But how could this be possible? Now, I wasn’t sure this was the same dude but if it was, I would HAVE to rename my restaurant. If this is the same dude, I must look like an idiot to her naming my restaurant after her freaking boyfriend. The only thing I could think of was I had to call her to see if this was actually the same dude. So, I got up from my spot in the sauna, went to my locker and fired off a text:

“Hey, is that dude Hatch your new boyfriend?”

I put my phone back in my locker and went back to the sauna. By this time, I’m mad. I’m mad because she told me about this dude… I’m mad because I hadn’t put these facts together before now… I’m mad at Kellie Rasberry because she’s the person that came up for my new restaurant, “Down the Hatch.”

I went back and checked my phone… Nothing yet. All I can do is fume… I was getting madder by the second. I went and got in the other sauna… but I can’t enjoy it. I sat there 5 minutes… I went and checked my phone again. Finally a response. It said, “Hatch??? You mean Patch? He’s just a friend from Florida and No, that’s not my boyfriend!” I didn’t reply…

Because, I’m an idiot.